Legacy Pools USA

Manufacturer Of The Brand Of Portable Pools You Know And Trust

Legacy Pools USA - Manufacturer Of The Brand Of Portable Pools You Know And Trust

Legacy Pools USA

Legacy Pools USAWe are the manufacturer of most of the portable pools in the world. If you see a portable pool in a store, big or small it probably came from our factory.And now we offer Legacy Pools Direct to the customer  through our website.  If we have a dealer in your area we will refer you to them for final sale, if we have no dealer in your area, we will sell you directLegacy Pools USA

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 You still have a source for Portable Pools, Legacy Pools The Brand You Know and Trust. We will continue to be here, selling and supporting our pools and our warranties for many years to come.  So come jump in the Legacy Pool of dealers and know you are  selling a pool you can trust, that has wide appeal with:

  • Dealers
  • Affiliates
  • Hollywood
  • US Swim Team
  • Dock Dogs
  • and thousands of families all over the world.
With Legacy,  you get more options, more flexibility, more exposure, and more sizes. And if your customer wants a special size we can make that too! Up to 280ft Long!
Our Combined Factories Can Produce more than 50,000 Pools a Year

Former Tuff Pool Dealers will enjoy a 5% discount on their first order to welcome them to the family!

Our Pool Starring With Timothy Olyphant in the TV series Justified On FX. And no..he could not by shooting it , make one of our pools fail. That took the special effects department and some explosives

 Now is the time to place your order for 2014 We are kicking off our production season right now and you can save an additional 2% by placing your order now for shipment later.  See More


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We Manufacturer the best soft side pool in the industry, than anyone else in the world, period. We ship to dealers distributors, selling groups, online selling groups  like Amazon, Wayfair, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco,  and many more. We have a selling models for every niche of the market. Weather you are looking to to purchase container loads for your distribution outlets or high volume discount stores. Or you need just a few at a time to round out your selection of pools in your brick and mortar stores.Why sell legacy pools?We offer more for less in more ways.

  • We offer six name brands of Portable Soft Sided Pools
  • We offer sizes ranging from small POP Pools to 2ft x 41ft
  • We offer Custom Pools for your customers with differing needs
  • We offer packages for container loads, truck loads, or lcl and ltl. We will even drop ship
  • We offer all of the above for less than competition
We offer better quality and reliability
  • Legacy Pools are made right the first time, these pools will not be coming back to you with problems
  • More Plasticizers Mean these pools will stand up in any weather condition
  • Better Anti UV Coatings, to stand up better in the hot dry areas
  • Better Frames. These heavy duty galvanized steel frames support pools up to 230 ft long,.
  • Better Liners. 5 Layer 35 Mil liners stand up to anything, even lion claws
We offer a better source
  • We are making and shipping legacy pools 24/7/365 you don’t need to pre-order or loose out on inventory because you did not order enough at the beginning of the season…when you need it, We have it, or we can get it right away
  • We have a logistics department that can get anything anywhere. We ship all over the world and have agents in every port. Weather you need one pool or one thousand, and you are around the block or around the world…we deliver
  • We offer more choices. Legacy Pools USA is leading the way in innovation. Never one to stand still, we make more kinds, sizes shapes and  depths of pools than anyone in the world. If you need a special pool we can make it
  • We offer stability in an unstable world. With pool makers falling away or being bought up giants who are hear today and gone tomorrow, we are our own source, with two factories turning out pools that have warranties that will mean something for as long as they are active
  • We offer territory protection with exclusive dealer rights (minumum purchase required) so you can know the guy down the street, will not be selling the same pool. And you can proudly display the Legacy Name as your brand.
  • Our Many brands mean you won’t have to compete with the big online sellers if you need a personal brand, we can provide that too.
Sign up today and become an authorized Legacy Pool Dealer or Distributor. Call us at 1-213-713-3510