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Commercial Use Pools

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Commercial Use Pools

Legacy Pools are used in various  and many commercial uses all over the United States and all over the world  The uses are many and varied  but our pools have stood through them all including

  • Swim Schools : InHawaii,Pennsylvania,New YorkandJamaica
  • Waters Parks  InVirginia, RussiaandSouth Korea
  • Dog Daycare Pools, Everywhere
  • Manta Ray Pools in Wildlife park inHong Kong
  • Lion Rehab Pool InSarasotaFloridaWildAnimalPark
  • Movie and Television Shows
  • Exhibition Pools for Tradeshows all over the country, Fishing, Wakeboarding
  • Dock Diving Pool Competitions All  over the country
  • Baptismal pools  All Over the Country
  • Bumper Ball Pools
  • Therapy Pools  All Over The Country
  • Scuba Diving Training Centers  All Over The Country
  • Water Storage and Fire Fighting Pools


The list of commercial uses of these pools is endless and limited only by your imagination. With tough “Bullet Proof” Liners and heavy duty  powder coated steel frames our pools can stand up to any use.


In all area where you can test this pool against concrete pools it matches or exceeds levels of standards.

We make these pools in sizes ranging up to 130ft x 200ft.


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