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Legacy Owners

First Let us say thank you,

Whether you are the owner of one of our fine pools or would like to become one we welc ome you to the family of the best portibles made…period

You may think its a broad statement to say we have the best pools period….but we are not alone in this opinion

NBC Today Show US Swimming



When the US Swim team needs a pool for exposition, or for a segment on the today show they come to us!




Lion Tested Pools


When the Big Cat Habitat is Sarasota Florida needed a pool to allow Olla the lion to have some much needed physical therapy






2012 KCA with the WWE Superstars


When Nicelodeon needs a pool for their annual kids choice awards, one that will stand up to a 120ft bungie jump, and Apollo Ono trick or for a lime plash landing for a WWE Superstar, they choose us!


We have been the choice to supply pools to many movie and television productions

Movies like:

  • The Life Of Pi
  • The Book Of Eli
  • Rush Hour 3

TV Shows Like

  • Criminal Minds
  • Bones
  • iCarly
  • The Middles
  • And much more

So we are not blowing our own horns without something to back it up. Legacy Pools are the best made pools in the world. Period.


If you are looking for a dealer, fill out the form below

If we do not have a dealer in your area, we will be happy to sell, or service you direct.

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