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Legacy Pools USA Turn-Key Dealer Program

csAs portable pool makers around the globe are falling we are getting stronger and we soon project that we will be one of , if not the only remaining quality portable pool manufacturer in the world. We know you are looking for a reliable source of quality portable above ground pools and there is no better source than Legacy Pools: The brand you know and trust.

Through our turn-key program we are offering you access to all the wonderful pools we make, not only the backyard styles but all the custom and specialty pools as well.

So as a Legacy Pools USA Turn-Key Pool Dealership You Will get:

websiteA Fully Optimized Web Presence

A full website with your business name, 100% mobile ready and search engine optimized using a state of the art content management system that you will find easy to use and make changes to, as your business develops.


warehouseA Secure Warehouse Space To Offer Pick-up Or Direct  Shipment

We will scrub your area of operation and find the best suited warehouse/retail location for your business and advise you in the best terms and help you set up the lease. We will advise you on the best space needed for your business paradigm. optimizing your overhead versus business is key!



Access To Our Complete Line Of Legacy Pool Products Including Custom Pools and Special Shape and Size Pools. 

Nobody is making more or doing more with swimming pools than us. And you can be a part of that with your turn-key Legacy dealership.  There is no better pool, and at no better price. Start your business today and secure your area!


waterdrop Access To Our Complete Knowledge Base and Expertise Regarding Swimming Pools

There is a reason the world is in our pools, and that is because we know more about portable pools than anyone else. Where other companies have struggled to find a niche in this market we have from the inception of the Quality Portable Pools development carved our place among the giants. While other companies are fading away or making you jump through hoops to get their product, we are the industry giant. We have over a million dollar inventory of portable pools ready to ship and three factories producing them on a daily basis, including one just making our custom pool orders. It would take years of hard work and lots of talent and luck to achieve what Legacy Pools has achieved, and with our turn-key dealership program you can step on board the train and ride our hard work and success all the way to a profitable business. Good for you, good for us, and good for our customers .

Call Us Today To Get Started  1-213-233-9476


Dealer Turnkey Packages Start At $5000.00  Prices will vary depending on your initial product purchase, and size of business you have envisioned. Call Our Turn Key Specialist Today – Or E-mail Us


We can also customize a commercial for you like the one below:

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