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We are the world’s maker of portable pools

We are the world’s maker of portable pools. We manufacture our portable pools under many brand names and quality levels and pricing .

Anywhere you look from the individual dealer to a big box store, to a local toy store- If you see a portable pool, it probably came from our factory.

You can have the best portable pool available, the name you know and trust and you can have it your way!

We also offer the following options

  • We can set you up with the premier Legacy Laugna Malibu brand and you can sell the best pool in the industry
  • We can set you with a medium range brand of pools that will cost less, and allow you a little more flexibility in your marketing
  • We can manufacturer your pool with your own brand name, to set yourself aside in your own niche
  • We can provide you with an economy line of pools that will allow you to compete on par with the big box stores
  • We can custom make any size pool you are looking for, from the smallest splasher to Olympic Size Pools and even larger.
  • We can provide you pool and skimmer kits only, or complete pool kits
  • We can Container Ship, LTL Ship, or even drop ship direct to your customer.

In short we can and will do anything you need or want to provide you with the best portable pools on the market period, no matter the brand name, quality level or price.

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