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Yellowstone Swim Spas

Yellowstone Spas Swim Spa

Let the effervescent power of a Yellowstone Spas Swim Spa get you into shape and relaxed all at the same time. This combination exercise pool and hot tub can meet all your needs at the same time, great for the athlete or for therapeutic reasons, one of our swim spas will make everything right with your world

Masterspa Swim Spa

Swim or relax or both in this beautiful swim spa by Masterspa- and you don’t have to pay an arm or a leg to exercise both!

Allow 30 days for Delivery In US 40 days In Canada, Alaska and Hawaii

Standard Model Deluxe Model
Size  227.5”x86.6″x51.2″ 227.5”x86.6″x51.2″
Seating  5 Seating 5
Water Capacity 2230 Gallons 2230 Gallons
Weight 4409 LBS 4409 LBS
Shell Acrylic Acrylic
Stair Plastic Plastic
Skirt Plastic Plastic
Stainless Steel Supports Yes Yes
Forklift Bottom Base Yes Yes
High Density Spa Foam Insulation Yes Yes
Surface Accessories Standard Model Deluxe Model
Total Massage Jets 68 68
Air Jets 10 10
Jet Covers Plastic Stainless Steel
Pillow 5 5
Suction 6 6
Aroma Therapy 1 1
Drainer 1 1
Electrical Accessories Standard Model Deluxe Model
Theromstat 2 2
Pump 6 6
Airblower 1 1
Ozone 2 2
Underwater Light 3 3
Filter 1 1
Spa Body Options
Cabinet Options
Cover Options
Features : Standard and Optional
Ozonator – Standard Aluminum and Foam Cabinet  Insulation – Optional
(surrounds the entire cabinet)
Blown In Insulation on the Spa Body (with Light)
LED Lights Top – Optional Speakers – Optional Optional TV and DVD Player

Spa Cover And Lift

Optional Accessories (Available only at the time of the order)

 Thermo Spa Cover
 LED Lights Top
 LED Lights Skirt
3cm Foam Insulation For The Back Of the Cabinet
Aluminum Insulation For The Back Of the Cabinet
 Top Down Speaker
 Standard Speaker
 Spa Cover Lift
 UV Sanitizer
 IPOD  Base
 DVD Player
 LED TV 17inch
 LED TV 19inch
 Fitness Equipment




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